Inner Wisdom, Loving Kindness

Tweet A wise person is someone who has learned to make choices that lead to long-term health and happiness for their lives and the lives of others.  Like having your own personal Film Director, directing each scene in your life, Wisdom is the word of caution that tells you not to give in to short-term […]

When Women Abuse Men

Tweet Given that I’m the author of a book for women who find themselves trapped in unhappy relationships, I’m obviously an advocate for women taking a stronger role in their lives and achieving respectful, loving, happy connections with men.  We all know women who are unhappy in their relationships for one reason or another, and […]

Within your Control? Try this Exercise

Tweet In my years as a coach, my clients have struggled with all sorts of issues.  It’s the reason why people seek out a coach in the first place–to help them overcome challenges and progress faster in their lives and careers. One of my clients was caught in that lovely “sandwich” position of caring for […]

Stuck with Mr. Wrong Wins International Book Award

Tweet I’m pleased to share some great news. Stuck with Mr. Wrong? Ten Steps to Starring in your own Life Story won an International Book Award in the category Self-help: Relationships and was a Finalist in the category Best New Non-Fiction!  For a complete list of winners visit the International Book Awards page. Please share […]

Women, Leadership, and Inequity in the Home

Tweet I grew up during the woman’s movement. I remember my fifth grade science teacher, Mrs. Curren. Everybody knew she was a feminist by the fact that she didn’t wear a bra, and on the warmer days, she drove a motorcycle to school.  I aspired to do neither, but I admired her just the same. […]

Look at me! I’m a male chauvinist pig!

Tweet This is what a sixty-something man said to me the other day as I was entering the bank.  He was walking out as I was walking in, and he apparently felt that holding the door open for a woman was somehow chauvinistic. “You’re being a gentleman,”  I said.  “I like that.” “Well, you’re beautiful […]

Trans Fats, Frump Fixers, and Starring in your own Life Story

Tweet Bonnie Graham, host of the show Read my Lips on Blog Talk Radio, did a fantastic show last night featuring Dr. Bob, author of Trans Fat Survival Guide, “frump fixer” Shana Ross, author of a free report: “The 7 Habits of Highly Healthy Women,” and me, author of Stuck with Mr. Wrong?  Ten Steps […]

Join me on Opening to Ecstasy, Live with Lynnet – October 15th

Tweet You know when you just click with someone?  That’s how I felt when I met Lynnet McKenzie over the phone a few days ago.  She’s warm and funny, and I can’t wait to join her on her radio program Friday, October 15, 2010 at 5:00 PM EST.  Her show is called Opening to Ecstasy […]

Difficult People – Why We Need Antagonists

Tweet Whether it’s a passive-aggressive co-worker, a parent specializing in guilt trips, a partner giving us a hard time, or a rebellious child, we all have someone in our life who plays the part of the Antagonist. They’re the ones who keep us up at night, drive us crazy, and bring out our absolute worst. […]

Are Men Like Birds?

Tweet To the recently jilted, one may say men are for the birds. (Others may say they’re dogs, but I love men, so stick with me for a moment.)  After a trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park last April, I started to think that if we’re going to compare men to another species, […]